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Boycott Coca Cola 

Since when is it the function of a large corporation to tell a government how to hold their elections?

Do not buy Coke products including: Dasani Water, Fresca, Minute Maid, Schweppes, Sprite



To look up legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives go to:

You can look up specific bills by subject or their house bill number.


Take Action Now...

Senate Bill 185 and House Bill 325 declare firearm possession, transportation, carrying, commerce, training range access, as well as hunting and fishing to be life sustaining, essential activities. Both local and state government authorities are prohibited from infringing upon these rights under the guise of a declared emergency, either on a local or state level. Further, the legislation provides legal recourse for people who experience unjust infringements on these essential rights.

Please contact your lawmakers and ask them to SUPPORT SB 185 and HB 325.

 Ohio Lawmakers

Nathan Manning--Ohio Senate

Please contact my office at to share your thoughts on any bill pending in the Ohio Legislature so that I can keep your thoughts in mind when the bill comes before me for consideration.



E Mails for local media outlets:

Lorain Morning Journal-

Elyria Chronicle Telegram-

West Life-



Dylan Reynolds-

Brad Dicken-

Andy Young-

Jordana Joy-

Karen Uthe-Semancik-


Elected Officials:

Senator Rob Portman  Tel (202) 224-3353

Cleveland 216-522-7095

Toledo 419-259-3895

Cincinnati 513-684-3265


Congressman Bob Gibbs (district 7)  (202) 225-6265  or 330-737-1631

Congressman Jim Jordan (district 4)  (202) 225-2676 or 419-663-1426

Congressman Anthony Gonzalez (district 16)  (202) 225-3876

Congressman David Joyce (district 14)  (202) 225-5731

To look up contact info for all districts/states go to:


Please contact these senators and thank them for supporting our elections:

Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)  202-224-5922

Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri)  202-224-6154

Senator Tommy Tuberville (Alabama)  202-224-4124

Senator Roger Marshall (Kansas)  202-224-2715

Senator John Kennedy ( Louisiana)  225-926-8033

Senator Rick Scott (Florida)  202-224-5274

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (Mississippi)  202-224-5054

Senator Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming)  202-224-3424

Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club
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